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Excel VBA, Fill Pattern

Various different patterns can be applied to cells in Excel. These patterns can be applied manually using the Format Cell dialog: This article will explain how you can apply different patterns to cells using VBA for Excel. Jump To: Basics Example 1, Set Pattern Example

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Excel VBA, Column Gradient Color

In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I’ve explained the basics about working with gradient’s color. I’m assuming the reader is familiar with the topics covered in that article. – Gradient Color, Column: In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I provided 2 examples for creating gradients with different colors. The examples

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Excel VBA, Sheet Reference Speed

In the article Excel VBA Working With Sheets, I’ve explained that there are 3 different methods for referencing sheets. I have run tests on these methods to determine the fastest way of referencing sheets. Before explaining the tests, I have briefly explained the different methods of referencing sheets.

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VBA Folder Dialog

The folder dialog is a dialog that prompts the user to select a directory path. Jump To: Example Button Name, ButtonName Change Title, Title Start Path, InitialFileName You can download the file and code for this file here. Please note that although the sample file is for

VBA intellisense Not Working

This article explains some of the common reasons why Intellisense might stop working  in the VBA Editor. – What is it? Intellisense is the drop down list that appears next to variables in the VBA editor: – Reason #1: If the following conditions are met intellisense

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VBA Excel, Writing to a Text File

In this article I will explain how you can write data to a text file. Jump To: Example 1, Write One Line of Data to Text File Example 2, Write Multiple Lines of Data to Text File Example 3, Save File Dialog Example 4, Check

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Excel VBA, Get Data From Web Using MSXML

Previously in the article below I’ve explained how you can get data from the web using query tables in VBA: Excel VBA, Retrieving Data From a Website Using a Query Table The problem with using Query Tables, is that they are slow. A faster method

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Excel VBA Remove Sheet Fill Color

The following line of code removes any fill color applied to the cells in sheet 2: Sheet2.Cells.Interior.Color = xlNone Before: After: See also: Excel VBA, Cell Fill Color Excel VBA, Formatting Cells and Ranges using the Macro Recorder If you need assistance with your code, or you