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How to Pause a Macro: The VBA Wait Method

The VBA Wait method is used to pause the execution of a macro, suspending all Microsoft Excel activities until a certain time is elapsed. Syntax Application.Wait(time) The function requires one mandatory parameter input of time, which is the time you want the macro to resume,

The Ultimate Guide to Looping Through Ranges in VBA

The art of Excel VBA programming is in the manipulation of properties of objects of Excel. The more skillfully you can play with these objects and properties, the more powerful the macros you can build. The number one object in Excel you have to process

IsNumeric in VBA: 8 Ways to Use the Function

In VBA, to test whether an expression is a number, the IsNumeric function can be used. Description The IsNumeric function evaluates whether the input expression is a number and returns a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). It returns True if the entire expression is a number; otherwise, it returns False. Syntax IsNumeric(expression) The

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All About Concatenate in Excel and VBA

In Excel, text concatenation is a common task which can be accomplished easily with the CONCATENATE function or with the “&” operator. For example, to concatenate “AB”, “CD”, “EF”, we can use Excel formula: =CONCATENATE(“AB”,”CD”,”EF”) or =”AB” & “CD” & “EF” In this tutorial, we