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The Excel VBA Application.FileDialog Object

Have you ever wished you could develop a simple way for users to select files to open from within Excel? Perhaps you want to impose a level of control over which file path users select the file(s) from. This can be done by using the

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Excel VBA, Color Dialog xlDialogEditColor

The xlDialogEditColor is a dialog used to get a color code from the user. Color codes are used to specify colors in VBA for Excel. For more information about working with colors please see Excel VBA Colors. Jump To: Syntax Examples Example 2, Set Fill Color You can

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Word VBA, Open Document

In this article I will explain how you can open a word document using VBA. – Opening Word Document: If you are opening a word document from word you can use the code below: Sub main() Documents.Open (“D:TestFolderMain.docx”) End Sub Where “D:TestFolderMain.docx” is the path where the word