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How to Use VBA Input Boxes, With Examples

As a program runs, you might have a parameter which changes the flow conditionally. This parameter could be an input dependent on the user. Therefore, a VBA program needs to be a way to receive input from the user during runtime. This is where InputBox

Can You Handle It? — VBA InputBox Cancel

Out of all the challenges you might face in MS Excel VBA, there is one that may very well be the universal “Achilles Heel.”  The user…  To illustrate this, consider the following scenario:  You just spent several days building and successfully testing a great MS

Vbcrlf: The Visual Basic Carriage Return Line Feed

To facilitate the reading of a messages by users or readers – especially long messages – it is necessary to format it conveniently through new lines, alignment, new paragraphs, etc. For a specialized word processing software like MS Word, this is easy. For example, to

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VBA, User Forms, Labels and TextBoxes

This article will discuss the main functionalists of the label and textbox objects used in the user form. Labels are basically used for text that the user can’t modify while textboxes are used to get input from the user. You can download the codes and files related to this

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Drop Down List Creator (Sample Code and Download)

The following code is a function I’ve written which creates drop down lists. The drop down lists are created using data validation. It is assumed that there is a column with the drop down list values on one of the sheets. Another feature of this

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VBA, Multi Column ListBoxes

In this article I will explain how you can work with a listbox with multiple columns. In the figure below you can see an example of what a multi column listbox would look like: – Creating Multi Column Listboxes: There are several methods for creating a multi column listbox. Method 1,

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VBA UserForm Drop Down Lists

In this article I will explain the userform drop down list. This drop down list is actually called a combo box. It is used in user forms. Jump To: Creating Adding Items Inserting Items Modifying Items Removing Items Get Selected Index Get Selected Item Item

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Excel Drop Down Lists

Generally speaking there are 3 types of drop down lists in Excel: Form Control ActiveX Data Validation. In this article I will brieftly explain each one and provide links to more detailed explanation of each. – Form Control (Combo Box): These drop down lists which are