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6 Great Examples of Sorting in VBA

What is Sorting? Sorting is simply the process of rearranging data in ascending or descending order. The data is organized in alphabetical order when dealing with strings or words. Two options are available: sorting from A-Z (ascending order) or Z-A (descending order). Sorting in Microsoft

Here’s How to Do an Inline IF statement in VB.NET

What is an “IF” Statement? As you may already be aware, the “IF” statement is a conditional statement in any coding language, which usually is wrapped by the “IF, THEN” and “END IF” keywords/statements. The code between these two lines gets executed if the condition

8 Easy Steps For You to Start Learning VBA

What is VBA? Visual Basic for Applications is better known as VBA. It comes as a part of the Microsoft Office family of applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc., as a backend window where we can code using the all-time popular Visual Basic

Specialcells in VBA: 7 Critical Examples

What are Specialcells? Specialcells are a group of cells that belong to the same data type/format/color or have the same type of content like comments or blank. They are defined and used as a range object. This feature is useful when a change has to

VBA “Exit For” in For Loops: Break the Loop

What is a Loop? Loops are a very common part of any programming language. A loop is a set or sequence of programming instructions executed repeatedly during runtime until a specific condition is met. For Loop A “For” loop is the favorite of many programmers

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Seriously, Is VBA Still in Use?

Why Is VBA Still Useful as a Language? VBA is an easy programming language that comes packed with Microsoft Office applications as a developer-friendly gift. It is 95% similar to Visual Basic 6 with all its built-in functions, form components, structure, code editor style, and

How Exactly Do Substrings in VBA Work?

What is a String? A collection/series of characters that includes numbers and punctuation is called a string. A single character or a single space is also considered a string. Examples: Three Free Testme123 $%#^%$ 4 56, 9* What is a Substring? A substring is any

Is VBA a Scripting Language?

What Defines a Scripting Language? A computer programming language is nothing but a set of instructions that the computer can understand and carry out a sequence of actions. A scripting language is a programming language that can automate a sequence of actions in a runtime