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VBA “Exit For” in For Loops: Break the Loop

What is a Loop? Loops are a very common part of any programming language. A loop is a set or sequence of programming instructions executed repeatedly during runtime until a specific condition is met. For Loop A “For” loop is the favorite of many programmers

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Seriously, Is VBA Still in Use?

Why Is VBA Still Useful as a Language? VBA is an easy programming language that comes packed with Microsoft Office applications as a developer-friendly gift. It is 95% similar to Visual Basic 6 with all its built-in functions, form components, structure, code editor style, and

How Exactly Do Substrings in VBA Work?

What is a String? A collection/series of characters that includes numbers and punctuation is called a string. A single character or a single space is also considered a string. Examples: Three Free Testme123 $%#^%$ 4 56, 9* What is a Substring? A substring is any

Is VBA a Scripting Language?

What Defines a Scripting Language? A computer programming language is nothing but a set of instructions that the computer can understand and carry out a sequence of actions. A scripting language is a programming language that can automate a sequence of actions in a runtime

Is VBA Worth Learning? Yes, Believe it or Not

The answer to this question is undoubtedly “YES!!!” You may be thinking, “Is VBA even still a thing?” “Is it a dead programming language?” “Why should I even bother learning VBA?” Hear me out, and Iet me explain why the language is still worth learning.

[Resolved] Compile Error: Can’t Find Project or Library

What is a Project/Library: In general, there are chances that a programming language/or the code developed uses some functions and features to build a logic that fulfills requirements. These functions and features used may be from some dynamic link libraries (.dll files) and other projects

How to Loop Through an Array of Values in VBA

Introduction to Arrays An array is a sequence of values in an order that can be referred with indexes where identifying the start index and the end index of the array is important. This is called the lower bound and upper bound of array. Looping

How to Split Spreadsheets in Excel Using VBA

Why Separate Sheets? An Excel workbook can have several worksheets. There’s a chance that those different sheets contain information that is unrelated and needs to be separated into separate workbooks. Problem: For example, imagine a corporate training hub preparing a document on training sessions planned

Guide: The Document Object Model in VBA

The logical structure of a document (Excel, HTML, XML, Word, etc) is called a “document object model.” It can be used to access and work on the properties, methods, and events of the object. For example, in a Word document, there could be shapes/pictures, text,