#Deleted Text in Tables, VBA Access

If you are working directly with Access tables in VBA and attempt to delete records, the records will be replaced by a #Delete text. There are 2 workarounds to fix this:

  1. Method 1: User manually updates the table
  2. Method 2: Using userforms as the user interface rather than the Access tables.

Method 1, Manual Update:

One method would  be to manually update the tables values. This can done by either one of the methods below:

  1. Pressing F5
  2. Pressing Shift+F9
  3. Closing and reopening the access database



Note: This is a manual method, not VBA.

Method 2, Using Forms and Requery Function:

In this method, we use a datasheet form, rather than the table itself:
Before 2

Datasheet forms are forms that look like an Access table. We can then use the forms Requery function to update its values:


After 2

Note: The Form_MyTable1 object needs to be created. For more information on this please see the link below:

See also:

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