Excel, Can’t Remove Cell Fill Color

If you have an Excel workbook with cells that have a fill color that can’t be removed, there are 2 possible reasons for this.

Reason #1, Conditional Formatting:

Conditional formatting might have been applied to the cell or range. Conditional formatting will create a fill effect for the cells it is applied to . In order to remove the conditional formatting:

  1. Click on the Home Ribbon
  2. Click on the Conditional Formatting button
  3. From the drop down menu click on Clear Rules
  4. Select either “Clear Rules From Selected Cells” or “Clear Rules From Entire Sheet”

Conditional Formatting

Reason #2, VBA Code:

Another reason that you may not be able to remove the fill color from cells is a possible VBA Macro that is generating the fill colors. In order to prevent this:

Step 1: Bring the developer ribbon if it not already available.

Step 2: Click on the Visual Basics button:
Visual Basics
Step 3: In the window that opens click on one of the objects on the left:

Step 4: Press Ctrl + F:
Ctrl +F

Step 5: The code that changes cell fill colors, will be something like the example codes below:

Range("A1").Interior.Color = 46545

Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(2, 3)).Interior.Color = 45446

sheet2.Range("B2:D3").Interior.Color = vbRed

As you can see they all have the text .Interior.Color.  So basically we want to search the entire project for the term .Interior.Color and remove it:

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