Excel VBA, Horizontal Alignment

In this article I will explain the different horizontal alignment formattings applicable to cells and range. I have also provided the VBA code required to apply them.

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Left (Indent), xlLeft:

The following code will left align the text in cell “A1”:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft


Left (Indent) XlLeft

Center, xlCenter:

The following code will apply the horizontal center alignment to the text in cell “A1”:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter


Center, XLCenter

Right (Indent), xlRight:

The following code will right align the text in cell “A1”:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlRight


Right (Indent), xlRight, Excel VBA

Fill, xlFill:

The following code will fill the cell in “A1” with the text in it:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlFill


Fill, xlFill, Excel VBA

Justify, xlJustify:

The following code will apply the horizontal justify formatting to the text in cell “A1”. Note that the justify property will only be apparent when you have multiple lines of text in a cell and the wrap property is on:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlJustify


Justify, xlJustify, Excel VBA

Center Across Selection, xlCenterAcrossSelection:

The following code centers the text in cell “A1” among the cells A1~I1. This is a good way of centering a text over multiple columns without merging the cells:

Selection.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenterAcrossSelection


Center Across Selection,xlCenterAcrossSelection , Before Excel VBA


Center Across Selection,xlCenterAcrossSelection , After Excel VBA

Distributed, xlDistributed:

The following command applies the distributed (indent) formatting to cell “A1”. This formatting creates spaces between the words so that the entire horizontal spacing in that cell is filled:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlDistributed


Distributed, xLDistributed, Excel VBA


Distributed, xLDistributed, After Excel VBA

General, xlGeneral:

The following command applies the general horizontal formatting to cell “A1”. This formatting causes text to be left aligned and numbers to be right aligned:

Range("A1").HorizontalAlignment = xlGeneral


General, xLGeneral, Excel VBA

Indent, IndentLevel:

The 3 formattings left aligned, right aligned and distributed accept an indentation level. The code below applies an indentation to the cells A1, A2 and A3:

Range("A1").IndentLevel= 1


Indent, IndentLevel, Before, Excel VBA

Indent, IndentLevel, After, Excel VBA
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