First Letter Uppercase Only Access Tables

This article explains how you to create a macro that will force the first letter of a field to appear as uppercase and the rest as lowercase no matter what the user inputs.

Consider the table below:
Sample Table
We want to assign a macro to this table that will convert the first letter of the fields [First Name] and [Last Name]  to uppercase, while converting the rest to lowercase.


Step 1:

Select and open the table you want to apply the macro to from the Navigation Pane on the left. Click on the Before Change button on the Table ribbon:
Before Change

Step 2:

Select SetField from the drop down list:

Step 3:

After selecting SetFields, 2 fields will be added:
2 Fields

Name: This is the name of the field that will be modified. In this case it is [First Name]
Value: This is the value that the field will be change to. In this case use the expression below:

UCase(Left([First Name],1)) & LCase(Right([First Name],Len([First Name])-1))


Step 4:

Repeat step 3 for the [Last Name] field. Use the expression below:

UCase(Left([Last Name],1)) & LCase(Right([Last Name],Len([Last Name])-1))

Last Name

Step 5:

Save and Close the Macro:
Save and Close


No matter how the user inputs the first and last names, the first letter will be converted to uppercase and the rest of the characters will be converted to lowercase.

User Input

You can download the sample file used in this article from the link below:

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