Mail Merge Next Record Rule (Mail Merge)

In this article I will explain the Next Record Field of Mail Merge. The Next Record Field can be used to display multiple records in one document.

What is it?

Consider the letter below:
The letter consists of 2 greeting lines which belong to 2 separate records. By pressing Alt+F9 you can see the Fields used in this record:
Next Rule
As you can see in the figure above a Next Record Field was used. This field tells all proceeding fields to display information from the next record.

How to?

Step 1:
Create the main layout for your document. Create a Recipient List. In this example I will be using the recipient list below:
Recipient List

Insert any Fields the document may need:

Step 2:
Move the cursor to the location you want the Next Record Field to be inserted.

Note: All proceeding records will display data from the next record.

Cursor Location
Step 3:
Click on the Rules button on the Mailings Ribbon. Select the Next Record Field:
How to

Note: The Next Record Field is not visible unless you press Alt + F9:
Next Rule
Note: By placing 2 Next Record Fields, 2 records will be skipped by all proceeding fields:
2 Next Records

You can download the sample file used in this article from the link below:

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