Open Form When Database is Opened, Access

This article explains how to cause a form to open when an Access database is opened.


Step 1:

From the Create ribbon click on the Macro button:
The following window will open:
Macro, Dialog

Step 2:

Select OpenForm from the drop down list:

Step 3:

From the Form Name drop down list, Select the form you would like to be opened when the access file is opened:
Select Name

Step 4:

Save and close the macro window and rename it to “Autoexec”:
Note: By renaming the macro to Autoexec you are telling Access to run this macro when the file is opened.


Whenever the Access file is opened, “Form1” will be displayed:
Note: You could make the form a popup form so it will open similar to a regular windows form when the file is opened:
Popup Form

You can download the sample file used in this article from the link below:

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