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Tekla Open API: Get Part Bounds

This article explains how you can get the min max bounds of a part object in a tekla model. Note part bounds will not be very useful when the part is not aligned in one of the 3 main directions. Step 1: Add reference to

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VBA Set Camera, Google Earth API

This article explains how you can use VBA for Excel to automate Google Earth and set the camera to the location you want. It will be assumed there is KML file located in the path “D:StuffBusinessTempLocation.KML”. The KML file contains the required data for setting the camera

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Word VBA, Crop Images

In this article I will explain how you can use VBA for word to crop images. The first step is to determine the type of image. There are 2 types of images: Inline Floating I’ve previously explained about the 2 image types in the article

Word, Delete Next Record Rule (Mail Merge)

The Next Record Field is not visible by default: In order to delete the Next Record Field you will have to make it visible first. Step 1: Press Alt + F9: Step 2: Look for the NEXT Field: Step 3: Delete it:   See also: Word, Mail Merge

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Word VBA, Open Document

In this article I will explain how you can open a word document using VBA. – Opening Word Document: If you are opening a word document from word you can use the code below: Sub main() Documents.Open (“D:TestFolderMain.docx”) End Sub Where “D:TestFolderMain.docx” is the path where the word

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Excel VBA, Sheet Gradient Color

In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I’ve explained the basics about working with gradient’s color. I’m assuming the reader is familiar with the topics covered in that article. – Gradient Color, Row: In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I provided 2 examples for creating gradients with different colors. The examples