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How to Use Application.Calculation in VBA

The benefits of using Excel for calculation We are well aware that in today’s world, a machine’s brain works orders of magnitude faster than a human’s brain. By this, I mean that when there is a requirement to calculate some numbers mathematically, we have quickly

How to Use the Mod Operator in VBA

Introduction Mod stands for Modulo. It is a mathematical operator that returns the remainder, or modulus, of a number after performing division. The Mod operator is not only helpful when you want to know the remainder in division, it is also powerful when you want

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Excel Change Formula Calculation to Manual

In this article I will explain how you can prevent Excel from automatically updating formulas. This is specially useful when working with large workbooks with a large amount of formulas. You can force excel to update the formulas only when specified. – Changing Formula Calculation to Manual: