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Word VBA, Bookmarks

In this article I will explain the basics of working with bookmarks in VBA for word. – Creating Bookmarks: Bookmarks can be created by using the Add method of the Bookmarks collection: Bookmarks.Add (“bmName”) The input parameter to the Add method is a text string to name the bookmark.

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VBA Excel Working with Multiple Workbooks

If your data is saved on several different files then you are going to have to work with multiple workbooks. You can also download all the codes for this article here. Jump To: Creating Workbooks Opening Workbooks Saving Workbooks Saving Workbooks (Save As) Closing Workbooks

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Excel VBA, Create Border

In this article I will explain how you can make basic borders using VBA for Excel. Each range of cells can accept up to 8 different types of borders: Left edge (xlEdgeLeft) Top edge (xlEdgeTop) Bottom edge (xlEdgeBottom) Right edge (xlEdgeRight) Inside vertical (xlInsideVertical) Inside horizontal (xlInsideHorizontal) Diagonal down

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VBA Access Add Fields

In this article I will explain how you can add fields to a table in an access database using VBA. If the database does not contain any tables, you can use the topic covered in the article below to create tables for it: VBA Access Create

VBA, Create New Access Database From Excel

In this article I will explain how you can create a new (blank) access database from Excel. There are 2 methods for getting this done: Late Binding Early Binding In early binding we add a reference to the Access Object Library. The benefit of using early binding