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VBA Converting Data Types

In this article I will explain how you can convert data types to one another. Jump To : String Conversions Convert String to a Numeric Data Type Check if String is Numeric, IsNumeric() Convert String to Integer, CInt() Convert String to Double, CDbl() Convert String to

Query Dates, Access

This article will explain how to run queries on dates in an access database. It will be assumed that our database has the following data: 3 fields with the second field storing dates. – Selecting the Right Datatype: It is essential that dates are stored

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Access DateSerial()

The DateSerial() function receives as input a year, month and day. It returns a date value. This function can be used to create date values to use in the criteria section of queries. – Syntax: DateSerial(Year, Month, Day) – Example: See also: Query Dates, Access Query

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Excel, Date() Function

The Date() function can be used to specify a date value in a cell. Jump To: Syntax Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 You can download the file for this article here. – Syntax: =Date(Year, Month, Day) Year: The year value of the date

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Query Dates Type Mismatch Error, Access

Previously in the article Query Dates, Access I’ve explained how you can run queries on date values.  However if double quotes are used in the  criterion section a type mismatch error will occur. In the figure below you can see a query in design mode: This is the

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Excel, Custom Date Formatting

Custom formatting, what is it? When working with Excel there may be times that you want to display a date. For example lets say you want to display the date January, 3rd 1988. In the figure below all the cells are showing the same date: The

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Word VBA, Date Format

When writing dates to a word document you could specify a specific format. For example consider the code below: Sub main() Range.Text = Date End Sub It prints the current date to the document: We can change the way the date is output using the code

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Excel, Custom Formatting, Month Language

If you’ve worked with dates in Excel there may be times you want to display dates in a language other than english. For example lets say you want to display the following date in german: German equivalent: As previously explained in the article below you have 2 different

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Excel, Dates

When working in Excel there are going to be times where you need to specify a date value. There are different methods for specifying a date in Excel. This article briefly explains them and provides links to more detailed explanations. Before explaining the different methods