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Inserting Rows in VBA: 6 Methods to Try

Rows are the horizontal layers of data — whether empty or not — in any table. You can think of a worksheet in MS Excel as a table. Likewise in Word, tables can be inserted and used. Rows are essential part in any table used

How to Delete Rows Using VBA

Why would you want to delete a row? Rows are the horizontal layers of data (that could also be blank) in any table. Worksheets in MS Excel are actually all considered to be tables. In MS Word, tables can be inserted into documents for your

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Word VBA, Delete Empty Rows From Tables

One of the things a lot of word users encounter while working in word, are empty rows in tables. In this article I will provide a code that will delete all empty rows from all tables in the document. – Delete Empty Rows From Single Table: In

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Word VBA, Delete Equations

In order to delete an equation using VBA for word, you will have to know its index. Equations are referenced through the OMaths collection. In the example the below the first equation in the document is removed along with all its text: OMaths.Item(1).Range.Select Selection.Delete Before: After:

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VBA, Word Table Insert/Remove Rows/Columns

In this article I will explain how you can add and delete rows and columns from tables in a word document using VBA. Every word document has a Tables collection The first step in working with a table in VBA for word is to determine the

Word, Delete Merge Sequence # Rule (Mail Merge)

The Merge Sequence # Field is not visible by default: In order to delete the Merge Sequence # Field you will have to make it visible first. Step 1: Press Alt + F9: Step 2: Look for the MERGESEQ Field: Step 3: Delete it:   See also:

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VBA Delete File

In this article I will explain how you can delete files using VBA. – Basics: The code below will delete the file specified by the path associated to the variable strPath: Sub Example1() Dim ObjFso As Object Dim strPath As String ‘file path strPath = “D:StuffBusinessTempTempFile.xlsx” Set

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Word VBA, Adding Caption to Images

In this article I will explain how you can add captions to images using VBA. As previously explained there are 2 types of images: Inline Floating The concept of adding caption to the two different types of images is pretty much the same. – Inline

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Word VBA, Bookmarks

In this article I will explain the basics of working with bookmarks in VBA for word. – Creating Bookmarks: Bookmarks can be created by using the Add method of the Bookmarks collection: Bookmarks.Add (“bmName”) The input parameter to the Add method is a text string to name the bookmark.