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How to Use Paste Special in VBA (Examples)

Cut, copy, and paste are very popular commands that any user knows how to use. It is the same with Microsoft Excel as well. In fact, these commands are very useful in Excel when we want to replicate calculation steps or automate a calculation. As

How to Use NumberFormat in VBA

Description FormatNumber is a property of the Range object of Excel. The Range object can be considered as a cell or a group of cells — be that a single cell, a column in an Excel table, or the UsedRange of an Excel sheet. The

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Excel VBA, Remove Fill Pattern

Jump To: Remove Fill Pattern From Cell Remove Fill Pattern From Range Remove Fill Pattern From Column Remove Fill Pattern From Row Remove All Fill Pattern From Sheet – Remove Fill Pattern From Cell: The following line of code removes the fill pattern from cell

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Excel VBA, Fill Pattern

Various different patterns can be applied to cells in Excel. These patterns can be applied manually using the Format Cell dialog: This article will explain how you can apply different patterns to cells using VBA for Excel. Jump To: Basics Example 1, Set Pattern Example

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Excel VBA, Underline Font Style

This article explains the different types of underlines possible to apply to cells and ranges. It also provides the associated VBA code for adding the underline. For examples using these codes please see: Excel VBA Set Underline (Sample Code + Download) Excel VBA Get Underline

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Excel VBA, Font Size

In this article I will explain how you can change the size of the font for a cell or range in Excel using VBA. I’ve also provided an example on how you can retrieve the size of the font used in a cell or range.

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Excel VBA, Get Horizontal Alignment (Sample Code)

In this article I will provide an example on how to find cells with a specific horizontal alignment. You can download the code and file related to this article here. The user selects the desired horizontal alignment to find from a drop down list: After pressing

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VBA Excel, Alignment

The following article explains the different alignment formattings applicable to cells and ranges and provides reference for more detailed explanation. When right click on a cell and select Format Cells … a dialog will open: The dialog has an alignment tab: The alignment tab displays all the

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Excel VBA, Italic Font

In this article I will explain how you can use VBA to change the italic font property of cells and ranges. I have also provided an example on how to check if a cells has the italic font property on or off. Jump To: Basics Example 1,