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Call Sub vs. Functions in VBA

Introduction In the MS Excel’s Visual Basic Editor, Sub is a statement, like a function fun(), that performs a specific task. A sub is a piece of code that performs a specific task and does not return a result. The purpose of a subroutine is to

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Access DateSerial()

The DateSerial() function receives as input a year, month and day. It returns a date value. This function can be used to create date values to use in the criteria section of queries. – Syntax: DateSerial(Year, Month, Day) – Example: See also: Query Dates, Access Query

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Excel, DATEVALUE() Function

The DATEVALUE() function receives as input a text string representing a date. The function returns as output the date value corresponding to the input date text string. Jump To: Syntax Basic Example Why? More Examples – Syntax: =DATEVALUE(Date_Text) Date_Text: A text string representing a date. – Basic Example: