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Can You Handle It? — VBA InputBox Cancel

Out of all the challenges you might face in MS Excel VBA, there is one that may very well be the universal “Achilles Heel.”  The user…  To illustrate this, consider the following scenario:  You just spent several days building and successfully testing a great MS

Using the VLookup Function in VBA

The VLookup function is an Excel function.  It can be used directly on your worksheet without having to use any VBA code.  However, there may be instances in VBA where you wish to also use VLookup functionality. You would then need to call the VLookup

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VBA Append Data to Text File

In this article I will explain how you can append data to a text file. I am assuming readers are familiar with modifying text files. If you are not familiar with modifying text files I’d recommend taking a look at the this article first VBA, Modify