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Searching Data In Excel Sheets

One of the main tasks an Excel VBA programmer encounters is  searching excel sheets for a specific value. While there are many different methods for doing a search, in this article I will only cover the basic method of using a For Next loop. In

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VBA Excel Working with Multiple Workbooks

If your data is saved on several different files then you are going to have to work with multiple workbooks. You can also download all the codes for this article here. Jump To: Creating Workbooks Opening Workbooks Saving Workbooks Saving Workbooks (Save As) Closing Workbooks

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File and Folder Dialoges VBA

You have probably worked with file and folder dialogues before. Selecting a file to open choosing a path to save the current file choosing a directory path Although it would seem that the dialog itself does the saving and opening, but most dialogues actually don’t do any of that.