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Docmd.RunSQL in Access VBA

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System which helps to store and manage data, reporting using forms/queries/various other wizards. As discussed in older posts and articles, queries can be built in Microsoft Access using design view/SQL view/any available wizard. In another post I explain the

Query Dates, Access

This article will explain how to run queries on dates in an access database. It will be assumed that our database has the following data: 3 fields with the second field storing dates. – Selecting the Right Datatype: It is essential that dates are stored

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Access DateSerial()

The DateSerial() function receives as input a year, month and day. It returns a date value. This function can be used to create date values to use in the criteria section of queries. – Syntax: DateSerial(Year, Month, Day) – Example: See also: Query Dates, Access Query

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Query Dates Type Mismatch Error, Access

Previously in the article Query Dates, Access I’ve explained how you can run queries on date values.  However if double quotes are used in the  criterion section a type mismatch error will occur. In the figure below you can see a query in design mode: This is the

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Simple Recordset Query Search , Access VBA

In this article I will explain how you can perform searches on Recordsets using queries. Previously in the article Iterate and Search for Values in a Table, Access VBA I’ve explained how you can perform searches on a recordset object using a simple iteration. The method in