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How Do You UNSORT Data in Excel?

The sorting feature of Excel is very useful to organize and put data into a structured format. But many times, we think of a better way to do it — only after we complete the data sorting! So somehow we have to revert the sorting

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Access VBA First Record in Table

One thing that may confuse a lot of programmers, is that the first row of an Access table is NOT necessarily the first record. For example consider the empty access table below: Lets say we copy the some data into the table: In the figure above the data being displayed in the

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Excel VBA, Row Gradient Color

In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I’ve explained the basics about working with gradient’s color. I’m assuming the reader is familiar with the topics covered in that article. – Gradient Color, Row: In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I provided 2 examples for creating gradients with different colors. The examples