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Access Create Link To Excel Sheet

This article explains how to create a link from Access to an Excel sheet. – What is it? A link to an excel sheet will allow access to get certain values from the excel workbook. When the values in the Excel workbook change, so will

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Excel VBA, Sheet (All Cells) Fill Color

The following line changes the fill color of all the cells in sheet 2 to blue: Sheet2.Cells.Interior.Color = vbBlue Same as the previous line but instead of using the blue color constant it uses the blue color code Sheet2.Cells.Interior.Color = 16711680 For more information about working with

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Excel VBA, Sheet Gradient Color

In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I’ve explained the basics about working with gradient’s color. I’m assuming the reader is familiar with the topics covered in that article. – Gradient Color, Row: In the article Excel VBA, Gradient’s Colors I provided 2 examples for creating gradients with different colors. The examples