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Excel VBA, Sheet Reference Speed

In the article Excel VBA Working With Sheets, I’ve explained that there are 3 different methods for referencing sheets. I have run tests on these methods to determine the fastest way of referencing sheets. Before explaining the tests, I have briefly explained the different methods of referencing sheets.

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Excel VLOOKUP vs INDEX and MATCH Speed Comparison

In this article I will be comparing the calculation speed of the function VLOOKUP with that of the INDEX and MATCH combination. For more information about the VLOOKUP function please see the link below: VLOOKUP, Excel Functions For more information about the MATCH INDEX combination please

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Excel Speed, IF (Formula vs VBA)

I have conducted several tests to see the fastest way to implement an If function in Excel. In these tests I have compared the native excel IF() function, with several methods of using the “if” statement in VBA. Each test basically executes the following algorithm