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Using the VLookup Function in VBA

The VLookup function is an Excel function.  It can be used directly on your worksheet without having to use any VBA code.  However, there may be instances in VBA where you wish to also use VLookup functionality. You would then need to call the VLookup

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Excel VLOOKUP vs INDEX and MATCH Speed Comparison

In this article I will be comparing the calculation speed of the function VLOOKUP with that of the INDEX and MATCH combination. For more information about the VLOOKUP function please see the link below: VLOOKUP, Excel Functions For more information about the MATCH INDEX combination please

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VLOOKUP, Excel Functions

In this article I will explain the function VLOOKUP. In short VLOOKUP searches a table of data for a specific Key. Upon finding the Key it returns the requested value associated with that Key. Table: A set of records, where each record has a unique Key. Record:

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Create Invoice/Bill Using VLOOKUP (Step by Step Tutorial)

In this article I will provide a step by step tutorial to explain how you can create an Invoice using VLOOKUP. I’ve explained the basics of using VLOOKUP in VLOOKUP, Excel Functions so I’m assuming you are familiar with the function. You can also download the complete Invoice file here. Jump To:

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Excel INDEX MATCH Functions

You might have seen a lot of places talking about the INDEX and MATCH functions. The purpose of using the INDEX and MATCH functions together is to create a functionality similar to VLOOKUP. The problem with the VLOOKUP function is that it can only search