Tekla Open API: Cast Units

This article explains how you can create cast unit using  the Tekla Open API in VB.Net.


Step 1:

Add reference to the Tekla.Structures.Model and the Tekla.Structures library located in the path “C:Program FilesTekla Structures20.0ntbinplugins” and manually open the tekla model. This has been covered in the article below:


Step 2:

The next step would be to get reference to the parts you would like to add to an assembly. This can be done in different ways. Below are a couple of example for achieving this:

Creating a Cast Unit:

Consider the model below:
The model consists of 3 columns and 2 beams. In reinforced concrete models it is beneficial to add the beams to cast units. The beams in the model can be added to a cast unit using the code below:

Private Sub CreateCastUnit(ByRef objBeam1 As TSM.Beam, ByRef objBeam2 As TSM.Beam)
        Dim objAssembly As TSM.Assembly

        objBeam1.CastUnitType = Tekla.Structures.Model.Part.CastUnitTypeEnum.CAST_IN_PLACE
        objBeam2.CastUnitType = Tekla.Structures.Model.Part.CastUnitTypeEnum.CAST_IN_PLACE
        objAssembly = objBeam1.GetAssembly

End Sub

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