Tekla Open API: Get All Parts With Specific Class

This article explains how you can get reference to all existing objects in a Tekla Structure model with a specific class using the Tekla Open API in VB.Net.

Step 1:

Add reference to the Tekla.Structures.Model library located in the path “C:Program FilesTekla Structures20.0ntbinplugins” and manually open the tekla model. This has been covered in the article below:

Step 2:

You will need to choose what type of object you are looking for. Is it going to be a beam? A single rebar? Group Reinforcement?, … In this example I will assume we are trying to get all concrete parts (beam objects) with a class value equal to 5. This can be achieved using the following code:

Imports TSM = Tekla.Structures.Model

''' <summary>
''' Returns a list of beam objects whose class equals 5
''' </summary>
''' <remarks></remarks>
Private Function GetPartsWithClass() As List(Of TSM.Beam)
Dim lstOutput As List(Of TSM.Beam)
Dim appModel As TSM.Model
Dim objModel As TSM.ModelObject
Dim objBeam As TSM.Beam

lstOutput = New List(Of TSM.Beam)
appModel = New TSM.Model

For Each objModel In appModel.GetModelObjectSelector.GetAllObjects
objBeam = TryCast(objModel, Tekla.Structures.Model.Beam)
If IsNothing(objBeam) = False Then
'check if classes matches
If objBeam.Class = 5 Then
End If

End If
Return lstOutput
End Function

Line 20 checks the class of the beam object. If it is equal to 5, it is added to the list of beam objects.

You can download the file and code related to this article from the link below:

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