Tekla Structures: Hide/Show Specific Objects in Model

Models made in Tekla can get very crowded with objects. Working in such a model can get very difficult without hiding some of the objects. This can be done by applying filters.

Consider the reinforced concrete model below:
Everything is visible in this model:

  • Foundation
  • Foundation Rebars
  • Columns
  • Column Rebars
  • Beams
  • Beam Rebars
  • ….

Working in such a model can be quite confusing. By applying filter we will be able to hide the objects we don’t need and only display the objects we are trying to work with.

Step 1, Select the View:

The first step in applying a view filter is to select the view. This may seem like an unnecessary thing when you are working with only one view, but it can be very useful when you’ve got multiple views open.

Make sure you have View Selection enabled:
Click an empty spot on the view, until the red border appears around the view:
1- Right click then select properties


2- From the view tab select View Properties.

Example 1, Display Parts Only:

In this example only the concrete parts will be displayed in the model. The filter requires only one row:

ObjectObject TypeEqualsPart


Example 2, Display Columns and Column Rebars Only:

Lets you would like to only view column and column rebars in the model. One method for achieving this would be to assign different classes to the different objects in the model . In the table below you can see the different classes assigned to the different objects in the model:

Object TypeLocationClass
Longitudinal ReinforcementBeam3
Longitudinal ReinforcementColumn5
PartShear Wall7
Longitudinal ReinforcementShear Wall8
Bottom Reinforcement in Y DirFoundation10
Upper Reinforcement in Y DirFoundation11
Bottom Reinforcement in X DirFoundation12
Uppper Reinforcement in X DirFoundation13

In order to only display the column parts and their associated rebars we would need to use the filter below:

(Reinforcing BarClassEquals5or
Reinforcing BarClassEquals6)

Note the start, end parenthesis and the and/or phrases.


Example 3, Show Parts With “User Field 1” Set to “1”:

All objects in the model accept user defined attribute. In the figure below you can see the user define attributes associated with  the columns parts:
These properties are mainly for the designers reference and will not directly impact the model. Using the filter below all parts with a “User Field 1” set to the value “1” will be displayed:


PartUser field 1Equals1And
ObjectObject TypeEqualsPart

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