Tekla Structures Add Single Rebar

This article explains how you to add a single rebar to a Tekla model.


Step 1:

Detailing >> Create Reinforcement >> Reinforcing Bar:

Step 2:

Click on the Part object you want the rebar to be applied to:

Step 3:

Select the points where you would like the rebar to pass through. The number of points selected must be at least 2.

Note: You will be able to select the cover distance and rebar properties later.

First Point:
First Point
Second Point:
Second Point

Step 4:

Press the Middle Mouse Button for the rebar to actually to be inserted. In the figure below I’ve zoomed in so you can see the rebar:

Step 5:

Press the Esc button. Double click the rebar to open its property window:
Rebar Properties

Here you will be able to modify the different rebar properties:

  • Rebar size
  • Start and End hooks
  • Concrete cover

You can download the sample file used in this article from the link below:

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