Tekla Structures, Create Rectangular Tie Reinforcement

This article explains how to create rectangular tie reinforcement for a beam or column.

Method 1, Reinforcing Bar Group:

Step 1: Detailing >> Create Reinforcement >> Reinforcing Bar Group:
Reinforcing Bar Group
Step 2: Select the part to add the ties to:
Select Part
Step 3: Select the different corners of the column section to define the shape of the tie. Press the middle mouse button when done:
Step 4: Select 2 points. The ties will be created along the range specified by these 2 points:


Method 2, Shape Catalog:

Step 1: Detailing >> Create Reinforcement >> Shape Catalog. Select the desired tie from the catalog:
Step 2: Hover the mouse over the part you wish to apply the reinforcement to until the correct tie arrangement is displayed. Click the left mouse button when the correct arrangement has been chosen:

You can download the file and code related to this article from the link below:


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