VBA Access Table Not Updating

When modifying access table using VBA, there are times the values being displayed in the table will not update. There is no direct VBA solution to update the values the table is displaying, but there are 2 workarounds:

  1. Method 1: User manually updates the table
  2. Method 2: Using userforms

Method 1, Manual Update:

One method would  be to manually update the tables values. This can done by either one of the methods below:

  1. Pressing F5
  2. Pressing Shift+F9
  3. Closing and reopening the access database

Note: This is a manual method, not VBA.

Method 2, Using Forms and Requery Function:

In this method, we use a datasheet form, rather than the table itself:

Datasheet forms are forms that look like an Access table. We can then use the forms Requery function to update its values:



Note: The Form_MyTable1 object needs to be created. For more information on this please see the link below:

You can download the file and code used in this article from the link below:

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