VBA/Excel Error 2023: 7 Fixes to Try

Excel or VBA Error 2023 in Excel is a runtime error that occurs both with and without displaying consistent symptoms. While there is no easy answer for this, I’ll try to explain in detail why you might be seeing it.

The description for this error is “Error 2023: Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

This is an annoying notification, and it will keep appearing on the screen until we fix it.


Symptoms of VBA Error 2023

Below are some issues that you may run into if you start seeing this error pop up.

  1. Microsoft Excel crashes or fails while VBA code or macros are running. This does not necessarily mean that the code itself is corrupted or has several syntax or logical errors.
  2. Slowness overall in your system.
  3. Deletion or creation of some files. You might think that it’s happening because of a virus. It may or may not be the reason for this runtime error.
  4. Interruptions or slowness in your internet connection.

Causes of VBA Error 2023

There are actually quite a few reasons you might see this error. They are:

  1. Complex formulas with hidden mistakes
  2. Improper use of objects in the VBA code
  3. Improper handling of files
  4. Infinite loops
  5. Code related to deletion of files or a large amount of data
  6. A bad graphics driver
  7. Low memory
  8. Virus infection

Causes of runtime errors

Runtime errors are those that appear during runtime of a program without any warning. They might appear repeatedly if not fixed. When incompatible programs run at the same time, you might start to see this error.

Solutions to VBA Error 2023

Here are some solutions we can try to apply to fix this annoying error that keeps appearing on our system.

Note: There may be risks involved in trying these solutions because we need to tamper with system settings. Proceed with caution.

Fix 1 – Identify programs that are conflicting with each other and close them all

During runtime, if we encounter an error, there’s a very likely chance that it is because of conflicting programs. So, first we need to identify and close all of them to proceed any further.

  1. Press keys Ctrl-Atl-Del simultaneously and open the task manager to see the list of programs that are currently running.
  2. Click on the “Processes” tab, select each running process one at a time and click on the “End Process” button. This kills the running thread.
  3. Verify if the runtime error occurs again by running the program that was showing the error. If the error pops up again, repeat step 2 again for the next program.
  4. Once you figure out which application is the troublemaker, uninstall and reinstall it properly. Or leave it uninstalled if it proves to be completely incompatible.
End a task in the windows task manager

Fix 2 — Using the Control Panel, identify and update or re-install programs that are conflicting

You can uninstall programs in Window using Control Panel-> Programs and Features. You can simply type “Control Panel” in the run window or the search box (on Win 10) to open the Control Panel.

There will be a prompt to confirm uninstallation of the program. Click on the button to confirm, and after the program is completely uninstalled, you can try to reinstall it again.

Windows control panel
Remove programs in windows

Fix 3  — Update your antivirus program

If the runtime error is because of a virus, we need to immediately delete or quarantine the virus. To do this you need effective antivirus software. If yours is not, then switch to a better one that does a better job at detecting viruses.

Update the software regularly. If required, uninstall and reinstall the program for better results.

Respond to alerts with reference to “Windows update” immediately and run the updates.

Updating Windows on time and updating your virus definitions in your antivirus software regularly can you avoid this kind of runtime error.

Fix 4 — Update or re-install the runtime libraries

If MS Visual C++ is not installed properly, it means that an update is missing. This could be why you’re seeing runtime error 2023. The solution to Visual C++ being outdated is to uninstall the current MS Visual C++ package and perform a fresh, clean installation of the program.

Steps to do so:

  1. Go to Control Panel – > Programs and Features – > Uninstall a Program – > highlight “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.”
  2. Click on the uninstall button and confirm by clicking on the “OK” button on the alert that pops up.
  3. Reboot your computer once the uninstallation is done. A message will automatically appear asking you to reboot. Click on “Yes.”
  4. Search for the latest “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package” from Microsoft and download it.
  5. Install it as per the instructions on the package.
Uninstalling a program in Windows

Fix 5 — Clean up your hard disk

Very low free space or memory can also lead to runtime error 2023. If you are experiencing the error because of this reason, follow the steps below to clean up your hard disk and create some free space.

  1. Backup files that you do not use regularly and clear them from your system.
  2. Clear you cache and reboot your system.
  3. Go to the “Properties” of your C drive by right clicking on it from the Windows Explorer. Click on the “Disk cleanup” button. Select all the checkboxes that you want to clean up and click on the button to proceed. Then click on “OK” and close the properties dialog.

Note: The main directory in which your operating system is installed should be cleaned up. Usually it’s the “C” drive.

C drive properties
Disk cleanup in Windows executing

Fix 6 – Reinstall your graphics driver

If your graphics driver is corrupted, you might encounter this type of error too.

In order to resolve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the device manager
  2. Find the graphics driver
  3. Right click and uninstall the video card driver
  4. Reboot the system
Device manager in Windows

Fix 7 — Check Internet Explorer

You might also see this error because of Internet Explorer issues.

  1. The browser has to be reset.
    • Internet Options-> Advanced tab-> Reset button. This navigation might vary depending on your OS.
  2. Disable script debugging
    • In the same Advanced tab, there’s a radio button with the description “Disable Script Debugging.” Select it.
  3. Disable error notifications
    • In the same “Advanced” tab, there’s an option with the description, “Display a notification about every script error.” Select it and click on the Apply button. Then click on “OK” button. Reboot your system.
Internet Options in Internet Explorer


The above are some solutions to the runtime error 2023. If at least one of these solutions doesn’t work, the last ditch suggestion is to make a backup of all your files and run a repair re-install of Windows.

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