VBA intellisense Not Working

This article explains some of the common reasons why Intellisense might stop working  in the VBA Editor.


What is it?

Intellisense is the drop down list that appears next to variables in the VBA editor:

Reason #1:

If the following conditions are met intellisense will not work:

  • You have accidently defined 2 functions/subs with the same name
  • You have defined a variable of a non datatype value (For example Workbooks, Worksheets, Ranges, …)

Intellisense will not work for this variable.

Normal Behaviour:

Two functions/subs with the same name:
2 Functions

Reason #2:

Forgetting to add reference to objects in external libraries.

Example: Lets say we are inside the Excel VBA editor and we are trying to Automate a Word application. Without adding reference to the Word object library intellisense will not work:
After adding reference intellisense will work correctly:

Reason #3:

Using generic objects.

Normal object declaration:
Normal Dec

Generic object:

Reason #4:

Late binding will cause intellisense not to work. This is for the same reason as explained in the previous section. Late binding uses Generic objects.

Early Binding:
Early Binding
Late Binding:
Late Binding

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