• Color Dialog xlDialogEditColor: A dialog that prompts the user to select a color.
  • Font Color: Explains how you can change the font color of cells and ranges. Also provides an example on how you can get the current font color for a cell or range.
  • Colors: The basics of working with colors in VBA for Excel
  • XlRgbColor: An enumeration with a list of color codes.
  • ColorConstants: A class with a list of color codes.
  • Color Codes and the Macro Recorder: Explains how you can get color codes using the macro recorder.
  • RGB: Explains how can use the RGB color model in VBA for Excel.
  • Get Color Code: A sample VBA program which gets the color code based on the fill color of a cell.
  • Color Code: Provides a sample on working with color codes.



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