Sample Codes and Downloads

  • Currency Exchange (Forex) App: A spreadsheet which shows the currency exchange rates.
  • RetriveValueFromKey(): A function I’ve made which searches a set of records trying to match a set of keys. prints the matches in another sheet.
  • Get_Count(): A function I’ve made which returns the number of row and columns of data starting from a certain cell. In other words, finds the first empty cell.
  • Drop Down List Creator: A function I’ve written which creates a drop down list, based on a set of input values, in a specific location.
  • Create Invoice/Bill Using VLOOKUP (Step by Step Tutorial): A step by step tutorial on how to use VLOOKUP to create an invoice.
  • Print_UniqueTo_Column(): A function I’ve written, As Input it receives the location of a column of data and an output location. It then copies the unique values in the input column to the output location.
  • Chr() function: Explains the Chr() function and provides 2 examples with code of where it is used.
  • Excel VBA, Text File to Columns: The article explains how you can read data from a text file and print the results in columns in an Excel worksheet.

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