Word Insert Merge Field (Mail Merge)

In this article I will explain the Insert Merge Field feature in word.


What is it?

Lets say you want to send the same letter to a 100 different recipients. Consider the following letter:

Letter Merge Fields

Everything in this letter is the same for all recipients except the highlighted text fields.  The highlighted text fields are specific to each recipient. These letters can be generated using the the Insert Merge Fields feature of Mail Merge.

Unlike the Address Block and the Greeting Line features which insert a block text, the Insert Merge Field only inserts a specific field.

How to?

The first thing you would need to do is to create the main layout of the letter and define a  list of recipients. These are part of the mail merge process. Assuming the layout is ready and a list of recipients has already been defined follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Move the cursor to the locations you want to insert the fields:

Insert Merge Fields Cursor location

Step 2:
Click on the Insert Merge Field button on the mailing ribbon:

Insert Merge Fields

Step 3:
In the window that opens you can select which field to insert:

Field to Insert

Note: These fields have been defined while defining a recipient list.


After closing the Insert Merge Field window, by pressing the Preview Button you will see how the the Fields will be displayed in the document:


Note: You can press the Next and Previous buttons to see how each recipient’s greeting line will display.

You can download the sample file related to this article from the link below:

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