Word Skip Record If Rule (Mail Merge)

In this article I will explain the Skip Record If Rule used in Mail Merge.

What is it?

The Skip Record If Rule compares the value of a field with a certain value. If the comparison returns true, the current record will not be merged.

Consider the recipient list below:
Recipient List
Lets say we don’t want the recipients who work for “Google inc” to be merged. We would insert a Skip Record If Rule which compares the recipients Company Name field with the text “Google inc.”. If it matches then that record will be skipped:
As it can be seen from the figure above the first recipient was not merged.

Note: The result of the Skip Record If Rule will only be apparent after the merger has taken place.

How to?

Step 1:
Create the main layout for your document. Create a Recipient List. And Insert any Fields the document may need:

Step 2:
Click anywhere in the document.

Step 3:
Click on the Rules button on the Mailings Ribbon. Select the Skip Record If Field:
Skip Record If button
Step 4:
On the window that opens there are 3 parts:
Skip Record If Window
Field Name:
The field that will be used for the comparison:
Field Name
Note: The fields were defined when creating the Recipient List.

The method used to compare the field with:
Compare to:
The value to compare the field with:
Company Name

In the figure above the Company Name is being compared to the text string “Google inc”.

Step 5:
Start the merger:

You can download the sample file for this article from the link below:

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One thought on “Word Skip Record If Rule (Mail Merge)”

  1. Jon says:

    Nice tutorial. It almost works for me but not quite. When I run the merge it merges all the fields if the condition is met but then it also creates the other merge copy minus the merging values if the condition is not met. So for example, if I have 10 records and 8 with a “Y” in the those records, then I would like to skip the 8 Y records and merge only 2 records. It seems it merges the 2 correctly but it gives me 8 records with the no text in those merge fields. I know your document works right. Just can’t figure out why mine doesn’t:) stumped

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