Word Skip Record If Rule (Mail Merge)

In this article I will explain the Skip Record If Rule used in Mail Merge.

What is it?

The Skip Record If Rule compares the value of a field with a certain value. If the comparison returns true, the current record will not be merged.

Consider the recipient list below:
Recipient List
Lets say we don’t want the recipients who work for “Google inc” to be merged. We would insert a Skip Record If Rule which compares the recipients Company Name field with the text “Google inc.”. If it matches then that record will be skipped:
As it can be seen from the figure above the first recipient was not merged.

Note: The result of the Skip Record If Rule will only be apparent after the merger has taken place.

How to?

Step 1:
Create the main layout for your document. Create a Recipient List. And Insert any Fields the document may need:

Step 2: 
Click anywhere in the document.

Step 3:
Click on the Rules button on the Mailings Ribbon. Select the Skip Record If Field:
Skip Record If button
Step 4:
On the window that opens there are 3 parts:
Skip Record If Window
Field Name:
The field that will be used for the comparison:
Field Name
Note: The fields were defined when creating the Recipient List.

The method used to compare the field with:
Compare to:
The value to compare the field with:
Company Name

In the figure above the Company Name is being compared to the text string “Google inc”.

Step 5:
Start the merger:

You can download the sample file for this article from the link below:

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