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In this article I will explain the basics of working with bookmarks in VBA for word.


Creating Bookmarks:

Bookmarks can be created by using the Add method of the Bookmarks collection:

Bookmarks.Add ("bmName")

The input parameter to the Add method is a text string to name the bookmark.


Create Bookmark

The bookmark will be created at the location of the cursor at the time of calling the function.

Note: The Add method of the Bookmarks collection also accepts a second optional parameter. A range object. If passed the bookmark will be created at the start location of the range object rather than the current cursor location.


The code below creates a bookmark at the second line of the document. This is independant of the current position of the cursor:

Dim objRange As Range
Set objRange = Selection.GoTo(wdGoToLine, wdGoToFirst, 2)
Call Bookmarks.Add("bm2", objRange)


Deleting Bookmarks:

Bookmarks can be deleted using any of the methods below:

Method 1: Using the bookmark index. Bookmarks are indexed starting from the number 1:


Method 2: Using the bookmark name:


Method 3: Using a bookmark object:

Dim objBookmark As Bookmark
Set objBookmark = Bookmarks.Item(1)


Bookmark, Before


bookmark, After

Check if Bookmark Exists:

If Bookmarks.Exists("bookmark Name") = True Then
    MsgBox ("bookmark Exists")
    MsgBox ("bookmark does not exist")
End If

You can download the file and code related to this article from the link below:

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